About us

AndersonBloom + Associates, Inc. is a Vertically Integrated firm. The divisions of the company were begun as seperate family businesses dealing in every aspect of the built environment over the last century by Mr. Anderson's family and pulled together under one corporate entity. Begun by his grandfather William E. Bloom, Sr. were the real estate, finance, heating and air conditioning, sheet metal, plumbing, contracting, and hospitality businesses. Mr. Anderson attended the University of Illinois and received his BSAS and Master of Architecture to gain the knowledge to add architecture and engineering to the family business. Mr. Anderson's family has a long standing tradition of attending and teaching at the University of Illinois going back to the university's founding. By utilizing the Vertical Integration business model we gain more control, eliminate waste and thus increase profits over our built projects. Asset allocation is the key to effective Vertical Integration.

AndersonBloom + Associates, Inc.

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